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Early Drug Development expert

Healthy volunteers or patients, a single contact for every step of your early drug development.
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Need to highlight benefits of your products and their effects on health?

With more than 200 trials in nutrition we have extensive experience in a wide range of areas.
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Eurofins Optimed: a global service provider

We manage all stages of your product development in more than 30 countries.
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Welcome to Eurofins Optimed

With 400 sites in 42 countries, Eurofins’ mission is to contribute to global Health & Safety.

With over 25 years of experience, Eurofins Optimed is a worldwide leader in early clinical trials.

Our own ClinPharm Unit and a strong international network enable us to, we provide efficient recruitment of healthy volunteers and patients within Europe.

We offer One-Stop clinical trials. According to your needs, Eurofins Optimed can manage all the steps of your trial in Europe including study document design, regulatory requirements, study conduct, monitoring, pharmaceutical operations, bioanalysis, data collection & biometry, and report writing.

Working with us you may rest assured that you will be complying with national and international guidelines and that you are dealing with an experienced and stable team, following a clear and efficient process, with respect to timelines at a very attractive price.

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