Our recruitment process consists in evaluating upstream the potential for recruitment to save time and quickly identify any possible obstacles.

We combine eficiency in recruitment and respect of your requirements.

With a database of over 20 000 rigorously selected volunteers (questionnaire and medical examination), we have a large pool of healthy volunteers and specific populations:

Our Clinical Unit in France, comprising 60 beds, has up-to-date equipment to ensure the success and the relevance of your study in various therapeutic fields.

We also organize multicenter trials in Europe, Eastern European countries and the USA.

You wil find that the experienced and dedicated team in charge of your study is available and reactive. We ofer a personalised relationship in an international context and the flexibility required to adapt to the specificities of your trials.

Moreover, from hardware to Information Systems, our organization ensures the confidentiality, security and quality of your data while respecting international standards.

Working with us also guarantees:

Via our links with key opinion leaders for various pathologies, we recruit patients in various therapeutic areas: oncology, asthma, COPD, diabetes, neurology, Alzheimer s disease, dermatology

Specific criteria: age, sex, weight, smokers/non-smokers Post-menopausal women, Overweight people, ..

A continuous control of the quality of your data, The administrative management of your project, A 24/7 on-site medical presence, An on-site pharmacist.


Clinical studies