Up-to-date equipment in various fields of research, to ensure the success and the relevance of your study:


Blood Pressure Monitoring, ECG monitoring, Telemetry, ECG Holter, Digital ECG recording, Central ECG reading, Telemetry, Exercise Test, VO2 max.

Platelet aggregation, Thrombin Generation Time

Sleep lab, polysomnography, EEG standard and 4-leads, Central EEG analysis, EPsychometric tests, Pain assessment.

Sputum colection, Spirometry.

Other skils, Glycaemic clamp test, Impedancemetry

Entry Into Man, Entry Into Patients, Proof of Concept PK/PD, TQT (ICH E14), Drug - Drug Interactions, Absolute, Relative Bioavailability, Bioequivalence, Metabolism, Food / Gender /Age efect, ..

Central Nervous System:


Other skils:



Types of studies in early development:

Various biological markers