Thanks to our experience, we have developed a large network of investigators site through Europe, USA and emerging markets.

Site Management Organization brings many benefits for the success of your Clinical Trial Project and ensures optimal quality for your study.

Site Management services

The investigators are the keystone of your project. Through our experience and our various colaborations across Europe, we provide you with a complete feasibility study of your trial for the pre-selected site together with our recommendations to optimize the study set-up on site.

From the start of the project until the close-out of the site, each investigator site has a dedicated line for assistance and a direct access to the staf involved in your study.

Recruitment potential Human resources on site Technical equipment Compliance with the GCP Organization of the site.

Acting as a support center, we manage and find suitable solutions for al the various issues that occur during the study.

Investigator agreement Hospital overcost negotiation Hospital agreement Organization within the site: Laboratory, Pharmacy, Imaging, EEG, ECG .

Samples/Material flow coordination Tracking of the investigational products on site Shipment organization ..

Site qualification

Site technical support

Clinical supply chain on site

Site administration support

A close colaboration for the success of your Trial