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LYON | Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud Pavilon 4M 1, rue des Essarts 38610 Gières - France

Since 1990, Eurofins Optimed has been providing services in clinical research and biometry, from phase I to phase I-IV clinical trials and clinical studies in Nutrition and Medical Devices. We operate two ClinPharm Units, in Grenoble and Lyon and ofer a partnership with several sites in eastern European countries and in the US.

With the experience of more than 800 clinical studies, Eurofins Optimed is a reliable partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and the agro-food industry.

BOSTON | One Broadway Road Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud 02141 Cambridge, MA - USA Phone: +1 617 583 1351

We manage al stages of your product development in more than 30 countries:

Toxicology Pre-clinical studies Clinical studies Bioanalysis Pharmaceutical studies Product importation Regulatory services

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Eurofins: a global service provider to the pharma industry